My desk + some tips for the perfect workspace

by - Friday, January 27, 2017

My Desk Overview
My desk is the one area in my room where I spent the most time. Since I still live with my parents, my workspace is in the same room as my bed. When I move out I would love for a separate office room, but for now, I make due with what I have.

I have split my room into two different parts and even though I see my bed when I'm sitting at my desk. I try not to mix the two parts of my room. With that I mean I make my bed in the morning and try not work on my bed, I have my desk for that.

If you compare my desk now with my desk two years ago, you will notice a few big changes.
I, first of all, bought a new desk from Ikea. My old desk was quite old and just not nice anymore. I had that desk since I was probably 5 or something (and I'm now 25 so when I say my desk was old I mean it.)

My boyfriend also got me an iMac for Christmas, it is an older model but it still works fine. And for video-editing or editing pictures, a bigger screen is pretty nice. I still have my trusty old MacBook and still use it regularly.

My desk also has less stuff on it, even when I'm working.  I found that I get much more done when there are no distraction around me.
My Desk Planner

  • For me having a clean minimal space works the best. So white furniture with not much clutter laying around. Keeping everything clean, makes it so much easier to find things when you need them and it gives me more motivation and creativity 
  • Plants, fake or real, I have a mixture of both. Plants make a room feel more alive and not so clinical, which can happen when the majority of a space is white. 
  • Nowadays everybody has a desktop/laptop, phone, and tablet and with those appliances come charging cables and all that. If there is one thing that can make an area look messy it's that bundle of cables on the ground. My floor is also cluttered with them.
    They're annoying but kinda necessary, which is way investing in some good cable management is probably a good idea. 
  • Don't leave papers lying around. Before I started using a bullet journal, I had tons of different notebooks/post-it pads with stuff on in laying around my desk. Now I write everything down in my bullet journal and loose paper goes straight where they belong.
  • You only need one pen on your desk. I'm not saying ditch all your other pens/highlighters, but store them in a drawer or closet. 

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