OUTFIT - Monochrome Vogue

by - Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When I bought the dutch vogue last week,I bought it cause if had this shirt with it for free.
Now as you know I love shirts like this.
The rest of the outfit is very simple, given that I'm stuck at home studying like crazy.
I have my first exam next week, and I'm done the 13th of june.
I'll try to keep up with posting everyday, but I hope you guys understand that I might be too busy somedays, and truthfully my outfit wont be that special anyway for the next month or so.

The weather is finally getter better by the way (figures when I have to study, it get warmer)
Now I'm back to my books as I still need to learn a ton of french words by next tuesday.
To everybody who has to study as well, good luck!

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2 reacties

  1. Hele leuke outfit! Ik heb de ketting in het goud, wilde hem eerst ook in het zilver maar die hadden ze bij mijn h&m niet :(.

  2. Toffe outfit! Staat heel leuk met het vogue shirtje!


Thanks for all the comments