SHOPPED - mango bag

by - Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Since it's actually raining today we couldn't take outfit pictures. Thankfully I still hadn't shown you guys my new bag.
I really needer a small cross-body bag that would work for everyday. I found this baby at Mango on sale.
They had it in black, brown and red. Since I don't really wear that much brown and red isn't exactly an everyday color, I went for the black. And I love it.
You will def. see this baby a lot more on the blog.
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  1. hi! how can you tell if a Mango bag is authentic or not? i think i was fooled? can you take a pic of the inside of the bag? what can you say about its stitching, logo, inside fabric, labels, etc. please help! thanks!


Thanks for all the comments