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by - Sunday, December 22, 2013

Remember how I said I still had plenty of time for my christmas shopping, well we're the 22 and I'm still not done. I went christmas shopping yesterday and I got home with an outfit, but I still need to buy a gift for the boyfriend.

Firstly I finally got a pair of platform sneakers, I've been looking for a pair for a while now, but the once I found were either not exactly right or they were to expensive. But these were perfect and not 50€.
I love kiko lipsticks, they are super smooth, great colors and super cheap. I really didn't need anymore red lipsticks but I couldn't leave this one. It's a nice darker berry red, perfect for this season.
I was looking around in New look for something for christmas that was festive but not too overly dressed up, I didn't really find a top but I love New look their skirts and this one was priced down to 12€ , maybe I'll find a top tomorrow when I'm looking for my boyfriends gift.
I'm pretty sure I'm gonna wear this dress for dinner with everybody on christmas day. It's a black velvet body con. It's really nice and dressy but not too overly dressed up, if you guys get what I mean.

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  1. I saw those flatforms in new look too and thought they were really cool. lovely photos too xx

  2. Gorgeous things! I love the shoes


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