OUTFIT - almost spring

by - Saturday, February 22, 2014

Is that sun, are those my legs? I've actually been wanting to wear a skirt for this whole week but I was out of tights and whilst the sun has ben lovely it's still a bit to cold to go out bare legged.
I'm hoping this weather will keep up and that it will only get drier and warmer from now on.
And that we won't have a surprise winter in like april.

This is what I wore yesterday, I had a few hours of class and then my mum, sister and I went out for some lunch in town. Whilst we were in town it actually started raining again, and for a moment I figured it was gonna be one of those days where it's sunny as long as you're stuck indoor, but as soon as you're out it starts pouring. Luckily it cleared up pretty soon.

Hope you guys have a great weekend, I'm not planning on doing much with mine, seeing as I'm just up (and it's already 1o'clock). I need to go and find some food.And since I'm at my boyfriend and his room could use a clean up, I'll guess I'll play clean-up lady for the day :)
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