OUTFIT - Mint knit

by - Tuesday, February 04, 2014

To be fair, I actually wore this with a pair of tights and my uggs, as I spent my day inside doing nothing. But I decided to throw on some jeans and my trusted boots for the pictures.
I got this oversized jumper at H&M, I was really disappointed with H&M sale, there wasn't a lot of stuff, at least not in my H&M. It's a great jumper for simple casual days where you don't want to dress up and be warm.
This mint color is kinda becoming my go-to pastel color. I love pastels but I never branch out to them, and if I do it's this mint color.

I've finally cleaned out my closet and I've got some stuff I'm not keeping. I need to go through it all and see what I can sell and what I'm giving to my nieces. And I need to find shipping costs and stuff like that.
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