RECAP - January

by - Saturday, February 01, 2014

OUTFIT - Studying French
Can you believe we're already February and it still hasn't snowed?
Yes I'm upset about that fact, I happen to like snow but only during December, January and February at last. Any other month snow has no business laying around here. Plus I'm getting really sick of this constant rain.

As you know january is the month that I have exams and I just got my results back yesterday.
I only had a few courses this semester but as always I failed my french. It seems like French will forever haunt me. Don't got me wrong I like french and I understand most of it, I just can't write it correct. Now I have the week off and then I start my next semester. Which actually means getting up early and leaving the house everyday.

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  1. this outfit is so lovely! love a bit of stripes, they are a fav of mine


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