OUTFIT - Burgundy Brooklyn

by - Saturday, November 29, 2014

Woohoo I finally managed to get these pictures taking before it got to dark. I'm so glad it's Friday that this week is over. Last weekend I started feeling a bit sick and for the rest of this week I've been feeling pretty shitty. But this week is over and next week it's already December!! Yay.
Only downside of that is that deadlines for projects are coming closer, though luckily I don't have that many deadlines this year, but I do need to start studying and having only started my classes halfway through the semester I'm missing a lot of notes and stuff. I still haven't bought all of my books because they are flipping expensive but I do need them to study.

I've been wanting one of those furry keychains for the longest time but I could never find a cute one (that wasn't priced ridiculously). But I found this little round one at H&M for only €2.99 and I couldn't leave it.
As for the outfit, I really like this skirt, I'm glad my boyfriend convinced me to pick the burgundy one instead of the black one. I already have to many black clothes and I love this color.
I'm living in my topshop boots again, they are just the most comfy easiest boots to put on.
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5 reacties

  1. Niet iets dat ik zelf zou dragen (ben nog al braaf) maar wel mooi! Staat je goed!

  2. Tof rokje! Ik zou het wel anders combineren, met een zwart bloesje ofzo :)

  3. Love the skirt!x


  4. Great look!! Loved the skirt, you look lovely.

    I'm definitely your new follower, would be happy if you want to follow back {:



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