OUTFIT - All Black

by - Saturday, February 07, 2015

These pictures were snapped really quickly because I am horrible at actually planning blogposts and when to take pictures. Also my boyfriend didn't like my outfit (he even made me change before we left) so he wasn't to keen on taking proper pictures. The struggle of a blogger.
Luckily the pictures turned out okay. I'm sorry for the crabby background, but around this time everything looks crabby unless it's covered in snow. Which it still hasn't really done properly here, insert sad face.

So my week off is over and classes start again on Monday. Part of me is happy because without a proper routine, I'm the procrastination queen, but classes also mean getting up early and dealing with public transport again.
I've got a pretty busy schedule this semester, but my classes actually sound pretty interesting and fun, so we'll see.

Both my boyfriend and mother were complaining about the lack of color in my outfit (Can't they see the red/purple lip, that's color). You think they would be used to my love of black after all these years.

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2 reacties

  1. oh wow hele mooi outfit!
    love the all black
    en zeker die fluffy trui



Thanks for all the comments