OUTFIT - First of 2015

by - Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Welcome to the first outfit of 2015. Except for the pants, all of these items are all bought in the sales last month, as you could see in my haul.

You would think that a jumper with a mesh/slight see-through front won't be very warm in this weather, but it actually is surprisingly warm, I've just put a simple grey crop-top underneath so that my bra isn't on full display.
I'm totally in love with my new coat, it's so fluffy and warm and different from all my other coats (it has a hood for one!).

I'm surprised I kept this jumper clean for the past two days, normally when I wear something white I immediately spill something on it. Don't ask why on earth I would buy a white jumper when I'm that prone to just spill food on it.

I currently have the week off, before my classes start again next week.
I had planned to paint my room but somehow I have a feeling I'm not even gonna find time to do that. You know that feeling when you got a week off and you have tons of things you want to do, but then you realize that a week is almost nothing to do everything you want to do.
I'll just try and do as much as I can this week and I'll see if I even get to buying the paint for my room…
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