HAUL - September

by - Thursday, September 24, 2015

Since September is running at its end and I'm probably not gonna buy that much in these last few days, I figured I could show you guys what I did buy this month. It's not that much and most of it is pretty boring, but that's adult-life for you. You have to spent your money on boring things and stuff like food.
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Clothes_DSC1070I think I bought some other things, but they are probably in the laundry. I'm slacking a bit with my laundry, it's just such a boring task which I alway put off. Not much excitement clothes-wise, just buying fall/winter stuff
Beauty_DSC1069Every single product that I use on a daily basis decided to run out at the same time, so I picked up an entirely new set of cleansing products.
Random_DSC1066I've already showed you guys the wired basket I bought (I think?), and I might have also bought the bigger basket, for that I have found a purpose, I've been storing my blankets in it.

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