INSTA - September 2015

by - Thursday, October 01, 2015

The little amount of pictures I took this month should indicate what a boring month it has been.
Since I'm not going to classes everyday and I spent most of my time online looking for a (nice) job, I didn't bother with taking pictures that much. Bad me right.
I figure I would share them anyway and I promise to take more pictures next month!
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This past month I haven't been eating that healthy, mostly because I was too lazy to cook properly. On the occasions that I did put some effort in my food I often went for a soup or a rice/sushi bowl with lots of veggies.
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I do have to go to school once a week, so I do spent some time waiting on trains and busses because you always end up missing them by a minute.
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The best thing about fall has to be the return of the PSL in Starbucks! I've picked one up everytime I'm in Ghent.

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