OUTFIT - Funky Socks

by - Saturday, November 14, 2015

Black coats are definitely a must in every girls wardrobe, they make a rather simple outfit look more put together. This outfit is pretty casual on its own, but with the coat it at least gives it a bit more of a classy touch.
Although the socks are definitely more urban/street, I felt like the outfit needed a bit more color, plus these socks are super warm. Which is something I definitely need in winter, I can deal with crop-tops and ripped jeans, but my feet are always cold.

I've had an extra long weekend with my boyfriend, since Wednesday was Armistice day, and he took Thursday and Friday of from work. We didn't do much, I've literally been playing Mass Effect these past few days. Goes to show you it's not always the guys who spent way to much time gaming, oops…
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