50 facts about me

by - Thursday, April 14, 2016

I've been blogging for a few years now, and I figured it would be nice to share some random facts about me that you might not have known. So here I've written down 50 fact about me, they are all very random and some might be even a bit weird.

Let me know some random facts about you in the comments.
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  1. I hate getting up in the morning
  2. I love Harry Potter
  3. White is my favorite color
  4. I used to bite my nails
  5. I own way to many black shoes
  6. I buy books and then not read them
  7. I love cleaning
  8. I can't keep any plants alive
  9. When I'm in a home deco store I have to smell the candles
  10. I don't drive (yet)
  11. _DSC2463
  12. I can't stand the smell of coffee in the morning 
  13. I love lemon on everything
  14. I don't like coconut water, but still drink it
  15. I can always eat a dessert
  16. I am the oldest child in my family
  17. I can't sing
  18. I always have music playing in the background
  19. I love Italy and it's food
  20. I'm always wearing nail polish
  21. I love cats
  22. _DSC2435
  23. My boyfriend is a dog person
  24. I will always sing along to disney classics
  25. I can't stand the noise of people eating
  26. I'm 24 years old
  27. I'm still living at home
  28. I had guinea pig when I was little
  29. I can't live without my planner/bullet journal
  30. I watch way to many tv-shows
  31. I love summer
  32. I'm a huge procrastinator
  33. _DSC2423
  34. I've been to Berlin, Paris, London and Monaco
  35. I hate calling people on the phone
  36. My windows are always open
  37. I don't leave the house with lipstick/lipliner on
  38. I sometimes forget my keys at home
  39. I will buy something just because of the packaging
  40. I never played any sports when I was younger
  41. I love hiking
  42. I hate riding a bike
  43. I used to love mushrooms and now I can't stand them
  44. _DSC2473
  45. I'm always on my phone
  46. My handwriting changes quite a bit
  47. I love colored pens
  48. I don't really like french fries that much
  49. I'm not very good at french even though I live right next to France
  50. I buy notebooks and then never use them
  51. My favorite store is Ikea
  52. I'm running out if facts about myself
  53. I often spill food on my clothes
  54. I can be very indecisive about certain things

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