Thursday, April 21, 2016

Trying out hair extensions

Trying out hair extensions

Hi babes,
hope everybody's enjoying the wonderful spring weather.
I've always had relatively short hair, even when I was a kid. A few year ago I even had a really short pixie-cut.
I'm happy with the length of my hair nowadays, but sometimes I do wonder what I would look like with long hair.
When Irresistible Me contacted my about their hair extensions, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to try out clip-in extensions.

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I chose their silky touch extensions in the color Light Brown. The color is a perfect match for my own hair color. I went for the 16" length and 140g weight.

After I ordered them it took about 2 weeks before they were shipped my way, then I got them 3 days later.
They came packaged in this simple black box with some lovely illustrations on it. The actual extensions were packed in this sealed bag, with a smaller test piece in a different zip-bag.

Since I had relatively short hair myself without much layers, blending the extensions with my own hair is pretty tricky, but it works. Curling it works better, but after some styling I can get away with wearing them straight too.

To be honest , having long hair all of a sudden is very odd. I'm still not sure if long hair really suits me, or if it's just a case of being used to having shorter hair.

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