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by - Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hi babes.
I'm back with a new outfit. I wore this a few days ago when my mom, brother, boyfriend and me went to Ikea picking up some new furniture for my brothers bedroom.

I'm still loving white jeans, at first I thought they would be quite hard to style. But when you only have a select amount of color in your wardrobe besides you can't really go wrong with black and white right?
Outfit Detail
Shirt - H&M
Jeans - H&M (here)
Shoes - New Look (similar)
Bag - Primark
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4 reacties

  1. Thanks, I'm still not a 100% sure if I like long hair on me. It's definitely more work than short hair!

  2. Ik hou van tumblr, al kan het best wel counter-productief werken

  3. I love that hat, I just don't wear it enough.
    It's a tiny bit to big so when it's windy it can fly of my head pretty easily


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