Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Taking breaks
Long time no chat. I had every intention of blogging this past month, but life just got in the way.
Nothing special happend nor was I really busy, I just didn't feel like blogging. I had the ideas but I couldn't put myself to working on them, same with my school stuff by the way.

I'm in the run up to my exams right now and blogging is a great way to get away from all the boring courses that I have to study for. I'm gonna try and have a blogpost up every tuesday, thursday and saturday around 11 am (my time, which is GMT+1) but don't shoot me if I miss a day or if a post is up later.

I wore this very simple outfit yesterday for quickly going out and getting some food. I recently cleared out my closet and I realized I have four plain shirt and the other gazillion amount were all printed. So I'm tossing out some printed shirts I don't like anymore and stocking up on plain shirts.
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