Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Blue hues & long hair

Blue hues & long hair

Hi babes.
Yes you're seeing correctly I've got longer hair in these pictures, I got sent some extensions to try out.
I've never worn extensions in my life before, so I'm still figuring out the whole thing, I'll do a separate post about them in a few weeks, when I'v gotten the hang of these things.

The weekend away was great, we had some amazing weather. Plus it's always nice to get away every once in a while. But now it's back to blogging, working for school and the ongoing search for a job.
Today was really spent catching up on e-mails and planning my blog for the next month.

I'm wearing my new off-shoulder top from H&M, can I just mention how annoying off-shoulder tops are when you're doing stuff, I mean it looks amazing but I constantly have to pull them down.
I was originally gonna pair them with my white jeans but I found the entire outfit a bit too summery for right now.

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