My night-time essentials

by - Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I'm pretty low key when it comes to the items I keep in/on my nightstand. The majority of my night-time routine happens in my bathroom, but I do have a few things I like to keep close by my bed.

  • Most of these items I keep inside  my drawer except for my phone which I use as an alarm clock and a notebook for jotting down ideas that pop up in my head during the night. 
  • When I'm reading a book I'll also keep that on my nightstand. I just finish the newest Harry Potter book and I haven't started a new book yet. Recommendations are always welcome
  • I prefer sleeping with my window and blinds slightly open. Having daylight coming in your room in the mornings makes waking up more enjoyable but I'm the type of person who can't sleep if there is even a small bit of light coming through, hence the sleeping mask. I got mine from Zara Home and it's been one of my favourite buys this year. 
  • I keep a hand cream in my nightstand drawer but if I'm honest I don't always remember to use it though I do try to use it at least 3 times a week. I have a bad habit of picking the skin around my nails so my hands really need all the pampering they can get. 
  • I also keep my birth control and some painkillers in my drawer as well as some hair ties and a brush.  
Do you keep anything specific on your nightstand? And do you prefer to have your essentials displayed on your nightstand or do you store everything in a drawer like me. 

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