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by - Thursday, October 20, 2016


I like cooking and making up my own dishes, but sometimes you just don't feel like thinking about food or you don't know what to cook. In those cases, it's great to have a few go-to cookbooks.
Personally, I have already collected quite a few cookbooks, but my parents have an entire bookcase filled with only cookbooks. When I have to choose something from their collection, it often takes me way too long to even pick a book.

That's why I have two really go-to cookbooks. That way I don't spend much time just picking a book, let alone a recipe.

I didn't just randomly pick these books, I just always tended to grab them when I was looking for recipes. So they kinda became my first choices when I'm recipe browsing. You can tell by the amount of tabs I have sticking out of these books. That's another one of my tips: stick little flags on the recipes that you tried and loved or the ones that you really want to try out!

I also love Pinterest for food inspirations, recipe pins are probably the types of pins I repin the most.
I have an entire board dedicated to food

  • Powerfood is a book by Rens Kroes, a dutch food blogger living in NY. All the recipes in this book are super healthy and pretty easy to make. I believe the majority, if not all are vegan or at least vegetarian. Now I'm not vegan or vegetarian but I do try to not eat meat/fish every day.
  • Jamie's 15 minutes. I'm pretty sure everybody is familiar with the 15 minutes/30 minutes meals by Jamie Oliver. We have both the 15-minute meals and the 30-minute meals book at home. But I prefer the 15 minute one purely because the meals are so simple and quick to make. You may not always finish them under 15 minutes bet they are still so easy to make.
Do you guys have any favourite or go-to cookbooks? Or a favourite dish you always make when you're not sure what to cook?


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