Looking fabulous and rocking black lips like Wednesday Addams

by - Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Like I mentioned in my autumn favourite over on my youtube channel, I love a good dark lip during these autumn months. You might even find my rocking a black lip. I know it's not a colour for everyone, but if you're brave enough to wear, just go for it. My family and boyfriend hate it when I wear such dark lips, yet I like it so I'm rocking it.

I don't know how some people manage to go outside bare-legged. I didn't bother with tights for this outfit, liking the look better with bare legs. But dear God it was cold. Cookies to those who still leave the house bare-legged in October.

  • Sneakers - Primark (similar Adidas)
  • Skirt - Pull & Bear (similar Boohoo)
  • Jumper - Primark (similar ASOS)

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