My Skincare routine - Autumn 2016 edition

by - Thursday, October 13, 2016

Skincare is always important, no matter the season or your age, but for me personally, during autumn and winter, I like to pamper my skin just a tad bit more. The colder temperatures and the rain tend to make my skin a bit drier than normal. Plus there is nothing nicer than having a spa day at home where you pamper yourself.

These are my go-to skin care items, starting with the removal of my makeup.

  • For me my first step is removing my eye makeup, I use this Hema Bye Bye Eye makeup remover lotion. It does the job of removing everything, even waterproof makeup, but it doesn't sting my eyes, or leave a really greasy layer behind, like a lot of waterproof makeup removers do. 
  • Then I use a face wash, again mine is from Hema. I used to work this in with my hand but a few months ago, I bought this face cleaning brush from Primark. Now I use that every day, and my skin looks and feels so much nicer. You really don't need to shell out for one of those fancy electric face cleansers, this thing costs €1.5 and it works great. 
  • Next is moisturising, never ever skip this step! At night I use a gel moisturiser from Kruidvat and in the mornings I use one from Mylène. This year I also started using an eye cream, and I can't love without one anymore. If you're not sure whether you need eye cream, get one, your skin will love you. For my lips, I usually have lip balms laying around everywhere, though I really do love the baby lips ones. 
  • When my skin needs it, or when I feel like it, I will use a mask. Right now I'm using the Freeman Facial Clay Mask with avocado & oatmeal, or this quick 3-minute pomegranate one from Yves Rocher.
Do you guys have any favourite skincare products or tips that made such a huge different for you?
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